The Beauty Blender Test

The Beauty Blender. A humble sponge that has been raved about many times over by numerous bloggers and vloggers alike. Naturally, I needed to try this out too. Was it really all it was said to be?

The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender

I first started off by trying a knock-off as spending close to €20 on sponge seemed a little bit unjustified to me. It was alright and did the job, however I still preferred my buffing brushes to it. I then finally gave in to the hype and got the original beauty blender just to see if it really performed any better.

When I first received it, my initial reaction was, ‘Wow this sponge is seriously small! Did I just spend €20 on this?!’ Anyway, I know the whole point is to submerse it in water so that it grows in size, so I closed an eye on that and got to testing it.

The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender

Yes, the beauty blender really does double in size when soaked with water so not to worry! Its shape makes liquid foundation and concealer application feel like a dream as it easily moulds itself to the contours of your face. I immediately found this a lot better than my knock-off sponge which was bumpier in shape and a lot stiffer.

The beauty blender blends liquid make up flawlessly and really leaves a lovely finish that is very buildable. All in all, a great sponge. However, is it worth it?

The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender

I can’t say I am 100% convinced!

Firstly, I really dislike how much product it soaks up. It’s such a waste really.

Secondly, when compared to my buffing brush, I can’t say that I really saw much of a difference in the final result. It definitely does perform a lot better that a stippling brush though – this leaves a much lighter finish, whilst the beauty blender really does give a better coverage. However, I do not think that I will be replacing my buffing brushes with this sponge.

Although, I did find it a lot easier to use when blending concealer in my under eye area. Sure it absorbs a lot of product, but it’s a much smaller area and it’s not as messy as using your fingers. It’s also a lot gentler than using a buffing brush in that delicate area.

Overall, I do like the beauty blender but I don’t feel as passionate about it as so many other people do! I think it’s good to use to soften or further blend in make up once applied and good for the under eye area, however my buffing brushes will still remain my preferred choice.

What’s your take on this? Would love to hear what you have to say! Is it worth the hype?

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48 thoughts on “The Beauty Blender Test

  1. I love my Beauty Blender. I have the black one. I’ve hardly touched my foundation brushes since I got it. For me, it blends out my foundation so nicely and gives me an almost flawless finish. For me it was worth every penny.

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  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    I have never tried this and don’t know if I could spend the money on it. However, I love my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge and it does the job great! So I will just be sticking with that. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken!” Lol. 🙂 xo

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  3. Ah the beauty blender. I happen to have the Real techniques version which I love and it cheaper, so i have never made the leap.
    I do find my RT sucks up a lot of product the first couple of uses but than it stops…maybe the beauty blender is similar?
    xx Anne

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  4. TOTALLY agree with you. I’m planning on doing a post on comparing the various Beauty Blender type makeup sponges and (spoiler alert) there’s a $5 one that I actually prefer over the official BB. It’s highway robbery at $26 for one!

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  5. I’ve been wanting to try one but couldn’t justify spending the price…
    Also I have seen a lot of people still put their makeup on with a brush or fingers and then just blend with the sponge…maybe that would help with the soaking up of product?

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  6. I love the BB, but I have two knock-offs as well (Real Techniques and Sephora which I’ve reviewed on my blog) and I like them just as much. I think I just really prefer sponges over brushes for applying liquid foundation, but I think it also likely depends on the foundation you use.

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    • Ah great! I’ll check them out 🙂 I don’t mind sponges but still love my brushes 🙂 how do you get all the foundation stains out of your beauty blender? I’ve really washed it but some spots still remain and it drives me mad lol


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