Getting tanned in the shower?

I have a love-hate relationship with tanning.

You see, I don’t tan at all, which is fine. However, when living in a country where it is summer nearly all year round and where everyone is tanned, it becomes an issue (for me anyway).

I love the look of beautifully tanned skin, yet I want to stay away from the harmful rays of the sun (I would just get red and peel anyway) so I turn to self-tanners.

The annoying this is – tanning is hard work, or maybe I’m just lazy. To get it done properly, it takes some time, plus there is the skin preparation beforehand and then that horrible smell afterwards and all the maintenance in between. Exhausting!

So when I saw that St Tropez came out with an in-shower tan, I was doing cartwheels and somersaults in the air! (well, maybe not quite). Anyway, of course I had to try it. Would this be my new best friend?

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

So the packaging is pretty standard –  a 200ml tub with a squeeze cap that doesn’t take up too much space along with my multitude of bathroom products.

It smells quite nice in the tub, very fresh with a delicate floral type of scent. It stays that way too – so no horrible stale tan smell afterwards.

Ok, so how does this work? Get in the shower and get clean with water that’s warm. Once you’ve rinsed off your soap, apply a generous amount of product in circular motions with even coverage and leave on for 3 minutes. No more, or less. Wash hands after application.

Once the 3 minutes are up, wash off and gently pat dry. The tanning development process will now begin.

Caution: This product does make the bath or shower floor very slippery so do be careful!

Results? Ok, so as you know I am very white. After the first application, I didn’t really see much of a difference to be honest so I tried it another two times, on two consecutive days in the evenings.

It did build up a slight colour, but not anything remotely bronze-like. It gave a very subtle golden colour that was just enough to not make me look extremely pale.

It’s not the strongest of products, so for fair skinned people, it cannot be used alone however I believe this will be great for keeping a tan topped up in between applications for people with all skin tones.

Yes, it did sound too good to be true…pity. However, still good to have in the cupboard when you want a quick top up!

Have you tried this yet? What do you think of it?

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10 thoughts on “Getting tanned in the shower?

  1. Seems a waste to rinse off the product? I mean, self tan normally takes overnight to develop and this is only 3 mins? I’d rather stick with self tan or even those moisturizers with a bit of self tan for gradual tan. I guess St Tropez just needed more products to add to their product line! 😛

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