Forgotten Lipsticks: Lose or Reuse? #1

Along with blushers, lipsticks are my major downfall. I just love how they can instantly transform any look!

Needless to say, over the past couple of years I have accumulated quite a few, and unfortunately some end up getting forgotten and abandoned!

So I got searching and picked out a few that I haven’t used in a while – I got thinking to myself, would I bother to use these again or not?

Here they are: my Lime Crime, NYX Black Label, YSL, Avon and Milani!

Forgotten Lipsticks: Lose or Reuse?

Forgotten Lipsticks: Lose or Reuse? Lime Crime, NYX, YSL, Avon & Milani

I went crazy over Lime Crime about a year ago. The packaging was original and cute, and the formulas were so creamy and pigmented. I won’t be speaking about the whole Lime Crime scandal here – it’s irrelevant as they’ve already been purchased.

Although I won’t be re buying from this brand, I did fall in love again with Coquette and Geradium. Today I see Great Pink Planet as being a bit too bright for me.

Limecrime Lipsticks: Coquette, Big Pink Planet & Gerdanium

Lime Crime Lipsticks: Coquette, Big Pink Planet & Geradium

Ahh the NYX Black Label lipsticks! So affordable, highly pigmented and creamy – I can remember clearly why I love these and to be honest, not quite sure why I stopped using them. As they are so creamy, lips do need to be exfoliated before as colour can settle in creases, and excess to be blotted away, but other than that they are just so beautiful.

I’ve fallen back in-love with India and Nude again – however not too sure about That 70’s Pink – not feeling too daring lately!

NYX Black Label Lipsticks: Nude, India & That 70's Pink

NYX Black Label Lipsticks: Nude, India & That 70’s Pink

Lastly, a mix of three different brands. The YSL one is back in my handbag because I just love everything about it! It does appear a bit more brown than it is in person really, but it’s just a gorgeous nude that suits everyone. Unfortunately the name has rubbed off on this one 😦

Flirt from Avon is fantastic too! Super natural and pretty – love it! Sangria is a colour I’ve kept away from lately as I’ve gone back on nudes, however it’s definitely a colour I’d like to reuse during the colder months. All three are super creamy and pigmented too!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Avon Colour Trend Flirt & Milani SangriaYSL Rouge Pur Couture, Avon Colour Trend Flirt & Milani Sangria

YSL Rouge Pur Couture, Avon Colour Trend Flirt & Milani Sangria

So I’m left wondering to myself – how have I forgotten most of these?! Will definitely be getting these back into my daily make up looks.

What do you thin of these? Do you occasionally bring out and reuse your old make up?

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18 thoughts on “Forgotten Lipsticks: Lose or Reuse? #1

  1. Those Lime Crime tubes would be super easy to pick out from the sea of black lipstick tube haha
    The YSL one is my favourite of the bunch! Something about it just looks so sophisticated, and you’re right, it’s a colour that would suit most skin tones. Too bad I shall never know what shade it is lol…
    How have you forgotten about these… too much makeup? 😉
    I neglect 90% of my lipsticks, it’s a shame because they do expire rather quickly. I’m tempted to do a clean sweep in January and only keep the ones I really use.

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha yes v true! cute packaging right?! I LOVE the YSL one! So disappointed i can’t read the name 😦 will try see if someone at a counter might know.. Forgot about them as I met through an insane MAC lipstick phase! Now i’m more into trying new stuff (even tho i still love my mac’s). A clean up is always great! it’s just soooo hard to throw stuff away 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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